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From: The Desk of Steve Peck
Re:  Applying Proven LinkedIn Techniques to Grow Your Business
Dear Frustrated and Overwhelmed Business Owner or Professional,
Hi,  my name is Steve Peck.   Until recently I too was struggling and clueless on how to actually turn my LinkedIn account into an asset that helped build my business.

My account was little more than an online resume and I was missing all the capability that was actually right at my fingertips.   That's all changed now.....
Using one of the strategies revealed, I was able to generate leads in less than a week.
So why am I writing this letter....... 
And Why Am I So Confident I Can Show You How You Can Begin Filling Your Pipeline with New Prospects and Customers Right Away.......
Go From Seeing This When You Log Into LinkedIn:
To Seeing This In Just A Day:
Clients from my own consulting business kept asking me questions about how to use LinkedIn to get non-stop automated traffic.  So I showed them.
Realizing this training could help even more people, I decide to create 
"Within Days of Implementing just one of these strategies, I had the right, super targeted prospects connecting with me." ~ Fred Leisong
 "... a must for anyone in a business small or large who wants to really utilize LinkedIn to find new clients or prospects. Especially if you want to understand the intricacy of how the linkedIn tool works to nurture your relationships and build a sustainable business marketing strategy."  ~ Gloria Hyatt MBE
""After some great questions and listening by Steve about how I envisioned future growth; Steve helped me understand how LinkedIn can be used for marketing, brand positioning and client acquisition. "  - Doug Campbell
LinkedIn Applied is a video series of interviews with myself and 3 other business owners giving you all access to our traffic methods and strategies using LinkedIn.
We reveal what's worked for them using LinkedIn and some of what hasn't.
Inside the private members only area you'll get instant access to our:
  • Magnetic Profile Guide - inside this area you’ll discover what’s really needed in your profile to generate leads & clients. Turn your LinkedIn profile into the centerpiece of a proactive lead machine.
  • Quick Start LinkedIn Traffic System - you can run traffic in as little as 17 minutes a day (or an hour a week) Create a never ending flow of quality, targeted leads and prospects coming into your inbox 24 x 7 – even while you sleep.  
  • 3 Step Simple Communication Process - that has buyers chasing you. This system helps you turn your ideal prospects into new leads and customers. We’ll even give you the email templates we use ourselves. 
  • Traffic Siphon System - learn how you can move the right LinkedIn members from the vast pool of 300 million plus users onto your very own mailing list – so you can market to them now and forever.   
  • Applied Visual Attraction Method - Learn the secrets of how to attract the 65% of LinkedIn users who are visual learners - using strategically placed videos on your LinkedIn profile to attract ideal visitors. Have them see you as THE Industry Expert & they would be crazy to do business with anyone else!
  • Off Line Meeting Sniper - learn to zero in using the 4 Step High Converting Off-Line Meeting system that will have you talking face to face with your most targeted of prospects. You know, the ones you couldn’t even get to acknowledge you before.
  • LinkedIn Network Harvester - reap the rewards of your efforts. You’ll discover how to harvest your LinkedIn Network to help open new markets, new accounts, joint ventures and new business opportunities. 
  • Instant Client Finder Method - Tap into our method that quickly finds where all your clients are located on LinkedIn right now. So you can simply tap into the flow of sales being made on LI today.
  • Little Known Want Ad Trick - Discover how to get HIGH TICKET clients right from under your competition’s noses simply by using the 30 second “want ad” trick as part of this special offer today. 
  • And more...
And even if you think you've tried everything - You'll likely find a surprise strategy or two - I know I did when interviewing this group.
Inside LinkedIn Applied these business owners and professionals are holding nothing back.

Every strategy, every trick, every secret is revealed in detail.  Ready for you to implement immediately and profit.

These are advance - "APPLIED" strategies that fill the gap between having a LinkedIn Profile and Having More Business!!
YES – Having Access To This Information Could Make This Your Best Year Ever.   Even make the process of finding new clients interesting, fun and fruitful again.
Given all of this
What Would Access To These Business Changing Strategies & Ideas Be Worth To You?
If you implemented just one of these strategies and ended up with ONLY ONE new customer or client what would that be worth to you? Is the lifetime value of that new client worth…. $100s, $1,000s, $10,000s or more?    
For most of my clients businesses an average new client is worth between $7,000 and $20,000 in additional revenue per year.  And given this repeats, year after year, the value of just that one customer over their lifetime of $35,000 to $100,000 is very reasonable.     
Based on that, LinkedIn Applied could easily be sold for a $700 to $2,000 investment for the information in the video series.      
Don't Worry - you won't have to pay that.
You see, I did not put this product together for people who were already making millions of dollars a year. This product was created for my friends who are still struggling, spinning their wheels, still stuck and unsure of what steps to take.

Because of this I’m going to let you inside the member’s only area of the course for a price much less than it should be.

Now you could try to figure this all out on your own – spend countless hours in trial and error. Blow past one potential lead after another because you haven’t learned the attraction strategies revealed in the business owner video interviews.

How much more will that cost in lost time and lost opportunity? Not to mention the cost of the ongoing stress you are probably already under now.
Due to the massive business transformational value of the strategies revealed, this series will sell for a $497 when it is released to the general public.
But you won’t have to pay that either!

You see, I know what it’s like to struggle – not knowing what actions to take, which strategy to follow or idea to pursue.

For that reason I’ve decided to practically give LinkedIn Applied away for a ridiculously low price that anyone can afford.

I’m doing this as a way of giving back or paying it forward if you will.
What excites me most are the new success stories I hope to hear that LinkedIn Applied has helped you create.

That is what gets me out of bed in the morning. Helping others go for what they want, deserve and are willing to work for. And I’m positive that if you follow just one of the strategies revealed you’ll become of those new success stories.

In fact, you’ll be able to get access for less than it would cost you to take one of these business owners to lunch to pick their brains.

That said, you can get INSTANT access to LinkedIn Applied for a one time low investment of:

Linked In Applied
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Because the price is doubling in just a few days…

The reason I’m doing this is simple, it’s no some scarcity trick but rather a reward for those people who take action quickly. (Something I hope you do after the strategies are revealed to you too!)

So if you want to guarantee yourself the lowest price – pick it up NOW!!

So here is the deal:

You can continue to struggle with your business, struggle to find new prospects and customers. You can continue to spin your wheels or even worse waste your time picking up one Bright Shiny Object after another or even worse than that do nothing and continue on the same stress filled path you are on now.

You can grab this offer now – virtually risk free and receive:

LinkedIn Applied with the Insights of Other Business Owners It Contains.

Get All Their Insights and Ideas and Begin Putting Them Into Action Right Away for a One Time – Special Limited Low Price of $9.95.

Even at this incredibly low price – you are still covered by my Hassle Free 30 day Money Back Guarantee .

You’ll will not regret buying this. Hit the buy now button and within 2 minutes you’ll be watching and discovering how to tap into the power and resources that LinkedIn provides to your business.

Just one of the many strategies included may change your business and your life.

Linked In Applied
To Your Success,
Steve Peck
I’m so happy that you have managed to read this letter in time… And I’m excited to see you you take your business to the next level as you begin to harness the power of the internet through LinkedIn.

P.S. Please Don’t Delay. You don’t have to struggle – you don’t have to be overwhelmed – you don’t have to wonder what to do to find your next customer. Click the buy button to get started right away.

P.S.S. If you don’t act now, will your business change?  Will you still be wondering how all those other businesses are tapping into the opportunities through the internet. Will you still be cold calling, wishing someone give you a referral or hoping you bump into someone by chance that needs what you do.

It’s all up to you. In a few weeks from now you can be a few weeks older or you can be on your way to changing your business future for yourself, your family, your employees and everyone luck enough to get the value you can provide. You just have to get take effective action. The choice is yours.

Linked In Applied
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